Studio—Absentia is a Melbourne based graphic design and creative writing studio. We translate ideas into meaningful communication using visuals and words.

We do this with creativity, empathy and a touch of humour. First, we listen. Then, we think. Finally, we do. Whatever you or your business needs, we're here to help.


Strategy & Positioning
Storytelling & Tone of Voice
Creative Writing
Logo design
Branding & Identity

Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Type Design
Editorial Design
Print Design
Website Design

Jessica Currie

Creative Writing

Jess is a storyteller and writer. She has a keen ear for listening and a way with words. When she isn't helping a client find the perfect name for their business or crafting the right narrative and tone of voice for their website, she's likely unscrambling an anagram (or seeking a juicier cress).

Dale Lacy

Graphic Design

Dale is a graphic designer. He works closely with clients to visually translate ideas. He specialises in logos & branding, publications & layout, typography, corporate design, and web design. When he's not finessing details for a client, he's likely still finessing details for a client.


(+61) 439 091 944

22 Brown Avenue
Ascot Vale, VIC 3032
(by appointment only)